Srinagar, 03 June :

Asif Hamid :

I am a teacher I don’t want B.Ed certificate only I want full knowledge of B.Ed through this course so no one blames me in future.

As we all know that teacher is builder of nation & nowadays education department is enrolling these untrained builders for B.Ed & D.Ed courses for getting trained. Government set a deadline for these teachers to complete their degrees and diplomas before April 2019 or face consequences that’s TERMINATION.

Now teachers are confused if the B. Ed course  is of 24 months. HOW CAN A TEACHER COMPLETE IT IN ONLY 10 MONTHS?????

What kind of special training they get through IGNOU? They have to attend school regularly.

In part time they have to do work as BLOs, adhaar enumerators, with different kinds of surveys and censuses. They have to teach remedial classes during holidays to potential learners. Can they manage everything like machines as if they don’t haven emotions like other human beings.

The education department had announced that they will bear all the expenses of these courses. But now the same department has asked them to submit first installment of fee for B. Ed which is 12500 & for D. Ed it’s 5000 through zonal education offices.

They are diligent so they work without salary for 3-4 months, leaving their families suffering and vulnerable and now this extra burden of paying fee for the courses govt think is necessary for them.

Teachers especially SSA work hard to uplift  the education sector in J&K. Thousands of qualified persons take up the job under SSA scheme on RET pattern. They work  for 5 years on monthly remuneration of rupees 1500 & are regularized after five years as per state government rules. One of the orders of Education department reads that after confirmation RET teacher is as good as general line teacher. Nowadays state government said they are their own creation. Is it possible????

Now my confusion is when these teachers got these course certificates are they as good as who got these courses on regular bases.

Or after few years authorities will say they are not capable as is the fate of SSA teachers.

Now we are requesting our state government and director education to kindly help these teachers and train them according to rules of education department of J&K.

But our state have a shield to protect us that’s article 370.

Don’t train teachers artificially, train them practically. For the betterment of coming generations.

We want quality education not the superficial makeup to help our kids and society to excel in the field of education.

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