Srinagar  30 March :

A 21-year-old Delhi University student, who was kidnapped last week for a ₹50-lakh ransom, was found dead near a drain in Delhi’s Dwarka on Wednesday.

Ayush Nautiyal’s family had received a picture on WhatsApp showing him tied up and with a head injury. Although the family arranged ₹10 lakh to give to the kidnappers, they were unable to locate them.

A 21-year-old student of Delhi University, kidnapped for a ransom on 22 March, was found murdered close to a drain in the capital’s Dwarka locality on Wednesday, 28 March, the police told the media.

The student, identified as Ayush Nautiyal studying at Ram Lal Anand College, was purportedly kidnapped near his house in Dwarka last Thursday, six days before he was found dead.

Later, on that same day, the victim’s father received a picture from his number via WhatsApp, showing Ayush tied up and gagged as well as having a head injury.

The accused, identified as Ishtiaq Ali, 25, a resident of Uttam Nagar in west Delhi, was arrested after long investigation, police said.


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