“A letter to the departed Love”


By Pomposh Aalam


Dear Love,

I am writing this to you from the slant of the desolated Jhelum, shipping the restless water. Beneath the infinite sky of motionless clouds, where our trysts had flourished into daisies. Where our kisses would vaporize and return back to us through rain. I know not the scene you are watching but here it is same as it was on our last meeting. Yes it is same like – these golden rays dancing on the maple leaves, these clouds floating across the firmament, this passing breeze departs its chilliness on my face, these birds singing chorus of love and lullabies to their offspring’s – and the only strange thing is your absence whispering around.

I am ill easy at heart, my life is all dark and lonesome. I know not whether I should write this to you and send you the poignant prayers and make you cry or should I else seek the hidden treasure in the memories you left enfolded inside me and perish myself into oblivion. Then there is a happy fisherman sailing his boat and singing in ecstasy – should I lend some euphoria from him and leave him displeased? Then there comes a silent dusk when moon come into sight to shine upon the earth – should I lend some light from the moon and make her glum?

The world is knitting the poetry of love and your nonappearance is adding plaintive notes of music to my life – when it took the pleasure of morning away and brought the fractured sleep into the twilight of my eyes. You gave yourself to me in love and after the process of half decade the ugly death became the error. Now every sunrise when I look upon the world I felt myself a stranger with no name and no family – thrown to the odd waves and to repulsive fate. I know neither the beauty of nature nor of life. Only the songs you sang to me took up the tunes and made my heart to dance, my eyes to shine and decked my face with smiles.

My dearest love, I miss you my darling, as I always do, but today I visited your favorite place and the waves of Jhelum sang that beautiful song to me and the song that of you and me together. Here everything around me is making me miss you. Dear Love I am lost without you, I am soulless framework of bones, a vagrant/ambulant without a home. I have all the things and but nothing at all. This, my darling, is my life without you. I know not when death that departed us will blend us anew. And I know like I loved you I shall die as well.


You’re Love


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