Nothing wrong in condoling death of militants, visiting their families; PDP’s Rafi Mir


Srinagar Jan 07, 2018 :

Chief spokesperson of the PDP Rafi Ahmad Mir on Saturday said that there is nothing wrong in condoling the killing of local militants.

“Following the PDP policy, I would visit the family of slain militant for condolences,” said Mir.

“Whether it is a CRPF man or our local militant, there is no bar on offering condolences. However, it depends on the security situation, sometime we can go and sometimes not,” he said.

While saying that both the parties had “entirely different perspectives on governance of Jammu and Kashmir,” Mir said, “On Article 370, they had different perspective, while our perspective was different. On running government in the state and of both the regions, they had a different perspective and we also had altogether different. But we had to join, since we had to form the government. Otherwise, Mir said that there were apprehensions of further losses.”

Responding to a question about the party’s advocacy in AFSPA revocation, he said, “In removing of AFSPA, PDP was a champion in 2013 and 2014. But after that the situation emerged due to which we had to move back on certain issues. But as far as our party is concerned, we know that we have to reach people only through the agenda of alliance..”

Expressing his shock and anguish over the Sopore IED blast that left four policemen dead, Mir said, “It was a heart wrenching incident. It seemed that peace will come, but it came as a jolt not only for the government or the party, but for entire JK. Those were children of Jammu and Kashmir state. Whosoever is killed, be it policeman or militant, we condemn it…”

On a day when four brave policemen achieved martyrdom in Sopore IED blast, the newly designated spokesperson of ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Rafi Ahmad Mir attempted to turn a militant sympathizer.
“There is nothing wrong in condoling the death of local militants,” PDP Chief Spokesperson Rafi Ahmad Mir said on Saturday. Mir, who was also the Vice-Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation made this statement while interacting with media in South Kashmir’s Anantnag at Dak Banglow Khanabal.
Mir said that his party hasn’t changed its political agenda and there was nothing wrong in visiting the families of slain local militants. “I have myself visited families of those who picked up guns and got killed. Even our Party President had visited their families in past. There is nothing wrong,” Mir said.He said that visiting the families of slain militants it depends upon the security situation.

Shortly, BJP legislator Sofi Yousuf also issued a statement and condemning the remarks PDP spokesperson. “Militants can never be our sons. They terrorize people and they have picked up guns to kill people. Militants have no religion so they don’t belong to any section of society,” he said. Sofi said that BJP doesn’t allow its members to express sympathy with the militants; however he was quick to add that BJP will help to rehabilitate the families of militants.


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